Get Your Pet Off to a Great Start with Beneful

If Beneful is a part of your diet, they are enjoying a nutritious meal that is packed with the wholesome goodness your pet companion needs from start to a mature dog. Nourish your pet with the goodness of real meat and veggies they’ll love. Beneful commercials usually host dry dog food products, but pet owners can choose from wet, and gourmet brands. Their packaging comes in different sizes that can grow with your dog. Each commercial features a happy healthy dog, and they are not just acting animals, but actually on a select Beneful diet and more information click here.

Do you want to keep your pet with a shiny coat? Beneful pet food helps them have a healthy coat, a safe weight, and more. Their gourmet pet food products include real meat and chicken; your pet will enjoy. Their commercials show you a happy healthy family including their beloved pet companion. They are running around healthy and happy with wild rice, carrots, and green peas. Your puppy’s longetivty is based on a vetenarian approved diet. You can also find Beneful pet food products for up to an additional 20% off at select retail Walmart stores. Give your pet the goodness of Beneful and save.


How Julia Jackson Prepared or her Career at Her Family Company

Jackson Family Wines lives up to the family aspect of the name. Family members have taken on different roles in the company. A large part of it is because the parents in the family have trained them well and prepared them to work throughout the careers. One of the lessons that Julia Jackson and her siblings have learned is that it is important to be diligent with a good work ethic in order to get anywhere with any type of company. Julia Jackson herself has spent a good amount of time throughout her childhood preparing for her career in the family company and what Julia Jackson knows.

While she was getting schooling, she has worked at several of the wineries. There were a lot of good lessons that she has learned. While she did learn about having a good work ethic, she has also learned how to be social and connect with people. She has made tons of friends while working at the wineries. One of the friends she has made friends with the daughter of one of the winemakers that are working with the company. Julia Jackson has also learned to speak French. This is considered one of the best experiences for her because she has been passionate about the language and read full article.

Julia Jackson has gotten her education at Stanford Summer Institute of General Management. While working with the family business in the marketing department, she has also founded a company called Rex Apps. Given that she knows how to market business, her company is also expected to see success. One thing that makes Julia stand out is that she is someone that loves to work. She does a lot of work with the hopes of inspiring young women with an ideal to look up to. She is also humble and willing to learn from others and Julia’s lacrosse camp.

How Betsy DeVos Is Making an Indelible Mark in Education Reform through Her Extensive Charitable Contributions

Betsy DeVos is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces in the U.S. Aside from serving as the 11th secretary of education, Betsy DeVos has successfully built a stellar reputation based on excellent craftsmanship and service delivery. More recently, Mrs. DeVos has dominated the headlines courtesy of her sizable political donations that have significantly piled into a small fortune over the years. Such donations have remarkably attained the $139 million since their inception with the aid of her husband, Dick DeVos.


Betsy DeVos’ contributions have touched on nearly every economic and political aspect with education topping her priority list. Ahead of confirmation hearings slated for Wednesday, the Michigan-based couple opted to shed some light into their philanthropic activities channeled through their Foundation. Based on a recent accurate report, the DeVoses forked out a decent $11.6 million in philanthropic contributions in 2015 alone, which twice the $5.3 million dished out in campaign is funding over the last five years. As influential members of the family dynasty, the couple’s massive political and social power speaks volumes about the family’s deep connections in Republican politics. For starters, the elder DeVoses sparked the political and charitable donations by handing out over $104 million in donations in 2015, a move that arguably earned them the 24th position on Forbes’ “America’s Top Givers” annual list. Through such data, financial experts have deduced that the DeVoses’ extended donations stand at a staggering $1.33 billion, which roughly translates to a quarter of the family’s $5.2 billion fortune. According to Dick and Betsy, their philanthropic donations stem from a burning desire to transform education standards in the country. Over time, Betsy DeVos realized that the current education wasn’t successfully meeting the needs of the American people. For instance, children growing up in the wrong zip codes found it challenging to access the highly coveted education system. From their ambitious plan, it’s crystal clear that the DeVoses are out to tackle the one-size-fits-all education system which majorly favors a few in the population.


Despite the presence of seasoned administrators and teachers, adequate emphasis must be enforced to ensure that every child is provided with the best learning tools. The DeVos Foundation is proud to have made significant strides by meeting the needs of various beneficiaries such as the Compass College of Cinematic Arts ($50,000), Ferris State University in Big Rapids ($100,000) and Northwood University in Midland ($200,000). Betsy DeVos’ resume boasts of impressive accomplishments and positions held during her tenure. For starters, Betsy’s position as Chairman of the Windquest Group between 1993 and 2016 speaks volumes about her insightful leadership and keen business acumen. Additionally, she also served as Chairman of the American Federation for Children between 2009 and 2016, while also serving as a Board member for the DeVos Institute for Arts Management between 2010 and 2016.


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Groups that advocate for Civil Human and Migrant Rights

In the world over, many groups and organizations have been formed to support and play a role in defending what we deem as basic rights. They may be civil, human or migrant rights. These groups are so numerous that it may be difficult to name them all however in this essay I shall highlight a few.

  1. Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are this organization’s founders. They fund migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona State. They used the money they received as settlement for their wrongful arrest by Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio on 18th October 2007.

They operate from Phoenix Arizona. Jim and Larkin mainly deal with groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights in tandem with freedom of speech and civic participation. They also back those parties involved in organizations that deal with “la lineafronteriza”- Mexican border.

  1. Avocats Sans Frontieres

Being an International NGO, Avocats Sans Frontieres deals with equitable access to justice and ensure legal security to its members. A group of Belgian lawyers who strive to provide impartial, independent and fair justice for people all over the world through court proceedings founded by the organization in 1992.

They are based in Brussels, Belgium but have a workforce of over 130 full-time employees all over the world.

  1. Centre on Housing Rights and Eviction

This was founded in 1994 by Scott Leckie to promote housing rights all over the world. By 2011 they had offices in Asia, Africa, and America. The foundation’s goal is to ensure housing good enough for everyone. That is irrespective of the place that they live. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They work together with other NGOs through various methods such as helping governments in drawing up recommendations and laws that help the ordinary citizen in achieving their reasonable and decent housing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:

They even bring up litigation against countries that they feel violate this fundamental right against their citizens. In 2009 they brought a case against Croatia before the European Committee of Social Rights.

  1. Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 1996 and based in Oakland, California. The group campaigns for human rights and corporate accountability for people living within the Amazon ecological systems.

Jim and Larkin mainly focus on Environmental Indigenous rights. They mostly support litigation processes against oil mining companies based in the Amazon.

  1. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Being a non-profit organization, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights seeks to realize Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a world that is peaceful and just. They do this by advocating for the fundamental human rights.

It was established in 1987 by Kerry Kennedy and works to create lasting change for all people through litigation, advocacy, and education.

Making the Difference in the entertainment Industry-Norman Pittz

Norman Lear is one of the most popular names in the entertainment industry and the televisions in the United States of America. He can well be described and known by many in the industry as a veteran writer, creator, and producer of the most popular television programs that were viewed in the United States of America including; the Jefferson, one daytime, all in the family, and good times. Norman Lear is back and now he is doing what he loves most behind the microphones in podcast. The program which will be known as All Above with Norman Lear was launched recently with the announcement made by Norman Pittz who is Founder and the Chairman of Podcast one. Learn more :

The new program is anticipated to take the listeners to another level and will give them a platform to participate in the discussions which will range from social, politics, music, current events, family issues, comedy and much more. Podcast management said that the show will cover and talk about everything and will always feature politicians, celebrities, and other prominent individuals. NORMAN Lear will not be hosting the show alone but he will have another co-host; Paul Hipp who is an actor, colleague, and a composer. The show first aired on May 1st and is available on Podcast One app, and iTunes. Norman Pittz was thrilled to invite Norman Lear in the Podcast team.

Norman Pittz is the Founder and the Chairman of the popular PodcastOne. Mr. Pittz has been in the entertainment and the media industry for an extended period of time. Mr. Norman is also the Chairman and the founder of one of the largest radio stations and companies are known as Westwood one. Norman was at the forefront of leading the top radio station in delivering news to other radio industries which include sports entertainment, general news, traffic programs, and other talks. Mr. Pittz passion for the entertainment began long ago and he is not resting until he experiences a revolution in the entertainment industry.

In 2010 he established yet another entertainment firm which was named Courtside Entertainment Group. The entertainment company which is located in Los Angles, California is responsible for producing as well as financially multi-platforms quality programming. Courtside Entertainment can be described as a home to celebrities and big names such as Laura Ingraham, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Ron Paul, and Bill O’Reilly. In 2013 Pittz created yet another big name in the entertainment sector which grew to become a household name. PodcastOne has now become popular among celebrities. Norman Pittz continues to change the entertainment industry through his shows in Postcastone. Learn more:


A Review Of Jim Tananbaum’s Successful Career

Jim posits that he invests in projects or companies that he has taken a lot of time understanding. By virtue of spending time undertaking due diligence on different situations, he is able to make multiple returns than incurring losses. The entrepreneur urges investors to invest in large companies. However, he issues a caveat saying that it is easy for people to lose money when they invest in projects that they know nothing about or have not spent time understanding its dynamics. According to Jim, the best investors and entrepreneurs are industrious and confident. He adds that the worst entrepreneurs and investors are lazy and expectant. Jim Tananbaum contends that pessimists do not come anywhere near the definition of an entrepreneur.

Tananbaum says that in 2009, he had various investment opportunities to invest in, but he knew that capital was needed. During this period, he was a senior partner. His partners were frozen by environmental factors. This way, in 2009 and 2010, they did not deploy any capital despite having hundreds of millions of dollars available for investment. Jim says that in 2010, when he extricated himself from his partners, he tried raising capital on his own. At this point, the recession was at its peak. Tananbaum remembers that most potential investors turned him down. Irrespective of the hurdles, he decided to put more efforts to ensure that his new business takes off.

Jim said that he succeeded because he invested all his liquidity in people who supported his entrepreneurial journey and believed in his vision. He reminisces that his belief, focus and persistence helped him to establish a new set of investments based on his own terms. Tananbaum says that his company uses the Outlook and Salesforce, and Big Query + Tableau software to integrate everything on a daily basis and ease the access of information in the database respectively. Visit the company’s Facebook page for more information.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum recommends the community to read, “Causal Inference in Statistics.” He contends that authors Glymour, Pearl and Jewell, talks about the common principles that enhance deep learning. Over the years, Jim has founded many companies, including Foresite Capital Management, GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Prospect Venture Partners II and III, and Theravance.

Jim is a graduate of both the esteemed Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. He is also a proud alumnus of MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the prestigious Yale University.

José AuriemoNeto is More than Enough for JHSF Leadership

FábioAuriemo started JHSF Company in 1972. The company is led by a competent board of directors that thrives in taking risks that the ordinary investor would avoid. JHSF deals in real estate ventures and its areas of choice are mainly shopping malls, hotels, and executive airports. JHSF mainly looks for opportunities in the market and weighs the risks against the benefits from each opportunity. However, the management takes risks because it’s only in taking risks that they can be market pioneers that have high-profit levels.

Most of JHSF activities are concentrated along Salvador, Manaus, Sao Paolo and other prestigious markets. The company concentrates on the high-end market, for these are more profitable in comparison to other markets.

One of the greatest achievements of JHSF includes the Catarina group of projects that entailed the construction of the Catarina Executive Airport and Catarina Fashion Outlet. The second phase involved the construction of luxury hotels. The company has also been involved in the construction of corporations. The Vitra building is also a huge achievement of JHSF as experts ranked the building among the best 3 buildings in the whole world. The Vitra Project also has more than 34 buildings, which are all state-of-the-art projects.

José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is the current chairman and CEO of JHSF Real Estate Company. He is described as the king of luxury, as he is behind the luxurious Hotel Fasano and Daslu Boutique. Five years back, José Auriemo went to his father FábioAuriemo, the then president of JHSF and told him about 80, 000 sq. meters at the edge of Marginal Pinheiros, where he wanted to build a complex in the high-end market. The father dismissed his requests saying that the area was not fit for such developments. However, José AuriemoNeto persistently asked the father to visit the location and see its potential. Upon visiting the location, Fábio approved it, and today it’s the most prestigious ownership of JHSF.

José AuriemoNeto oversees the interests of JHSF in public developments, hotels, and office buildings. Neto is also the administrator the shopping malls portfolio that belongs to JHSF. The above mainly lies along CidadeJardim Complex, which lies in the prominent area of Sao Paulo.

IDLife – Technologically Advanced Solutions For Health And Life

The IDLife Company is built around health and wellness, but as a customized nutritional model. Its HIPAA compliant foundation uses a network marketing system which means that the IDLife products go from the manufacturer to the consumer with no middle man.

IDLife stands for “individually designed” because the company designs products that are packed with the highest quality vitamin and mineral ingredients. The products are customized for each person based on age, gender, sun exposure, eating habits, exercise, medical conditions and prescription medications.

There is proven science and research behind each IDLife product. For example, the vitamins are pharmaceutical-grade nutrients that makes its nutrients available whenever the body most needs it. Each IDLife solution has been screened for any negative drug and nutrient interactions to make sure that the best possible health outcome is achieved.

The ID Life products include the following:

> Shakes: 100% whey protein, micro-milled chia seed, no artificial ingredients to boost metabolism, feed lean muscle and curb your appetite.

> Hydrate: high caliber sports powder mix packed with vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water which will fuel and hydrate your body all day long.

> Energy Shot: energy boosters for up to 6 hours without a crash feeling later on.

> Energy Chews: powers your mind and body quickly for an on-the-go lifestyle.

> Sleep Formula: gives you a good night’s sleep and leaves you waking up feeling refreshed. Formulated with non-habit-forming ingredients like melatonin which is proven safe to take as needed for occasional sleeplessness.

> Snack Bars: 100% certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and Kosher bars with a delicious taste.

> Skin Care: formulated from Nobel Prize winning research, proven to provide 24-hour anti-aging and anti-wrinkle solutions.

> Kids Line: just like the adult products, the Kid’s Bundle kit includes chewable vitamin and mineral tablets, a delicious shake, a 100% organic superfood bar, and an electrolyte hydrate power mix with no sugar.

There are no wanton fillers or additives in IDLife solutions and they are non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy free nutritional products. IDLife offers personalized, tailored guidance for each individual or to a family’s specific health and personal goals.

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Securus Technologies – Highly Popular Company in Correctional Industry

For years, one of the companies that have dominated the inmate communication services is Securus Technologies. The company has made tremendous progress in the last few years as it has invested over $600 million for research and development. It has allowed Securus Technologies to develop high-end security and crime prevention products. The investment of such a scale has also allowed the company to acquire patents and develop products that are superior and unique than what is available on the market.



Securus Technologies believe that it is important for the inmates to stay in contact with its family and relatives, which is why it offers economical inmate communication products. The company is highly accessible as well, which means that the customer service of the company would ensure that the customers can get the answers and solutions they need with ease. Securus Technologies serves over a million prisoners in jails across North America, and that count is expected to rise majorly in the time to come. Securus Technologies has made tremendous progress in the last few years in the field of investigative technology as well, which has helped it to develop technology products that keep the law enforcement officers safe and productive. The law enforcement officers feel that such technologies have made their task much easier and streamlined the process of crime prevention in and out of prison.



Securus Technologies likes to showcase what the officers feel about the company, which is why it recently published a web release. In the press release, there were positive comments by law enforcement personnel on what they feel about the company and its products and services. 3,400 law enforcement agencies use the services of the company, and the number is rising exponentially as the company is on the main expansion drive across the country.


Finding an Alternative in the Financial World through Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings Relocates Melbourne Offices Recap

Equities First Holdings is a lender to businesses and Individual investors of high net-worth. They recently relocated their offices to Melbourne Australia. This move was motivated by the need to make the company more accessible to clients and business associates. The company’s managing director Mitchell Hopwood is excited and believes this move will be good for the company. Apart from their offices in Melbourne, the company has two more office locations in Australia. There is one in Sydney and another in Perth and more information click here.


Equities First Holdings specializes in the provision of loans to businesses seeking to expand. The loans are not limited to only businesses seeking to expand, but also to those seeking to strategically invest. The company continues to flourish not only in Australia but in the U.K., Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and Hong Kong and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.


About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr. Since its establishment, the company has been in constant growth. They have done 700 transactions, which make up a total of $1.4 billion. They concentrate on wealthy investors hence they do not work with retail investors. Their loans are of fixed interest rates which are on the down side and contact its.


Benefits of Working with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings have worked hard to ensure their clients benefit from their services. If you are in need of fast working capital, Equities First Holdings is your go to place. The company also provides stock-based loans for anyone seeking a way out of a financial crisis. They have been voted among the most trusted financial companies. This helps boost their stand in the society as they work hard to become a world-class financial institution.


They are always there for their clients during harsh economic times. Today, this company is fast gaining popularity as an alternative in the financial world. Al Christy believes that loans that are collateralized by stock are a great way to go for people who are in need of working capital. Equities First Holdings continues to grow as they thrive to bring in more clients and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

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