20 Years and Still Counting: Graham Edwards The CEO Of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium was officially known as “Trillium” back in 1997 when it was originally established to facilitate a 16,000,000 square foot contract the Department for Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom. It’s a commercial property management and investment company, with its headquarters located in central London. The rapid growth in business caught the eyes of other investors and it was purchased by 2000 Land Securities in 2001 and renamed as Land Securities Trillium. In 2009, a majority of the firm’s stock was purchased and it was reorganized as Telereal Trillium.


Under the leadership of investor Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium as becoming one of UK’s biggest privately owned property Management Company. Edward has quite a few interesting experiences rolled up his sleeves before he was named as the CEO of Telereal Trillium in 2001. Edward Graham graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1987 with a Master of Arts in Economics, then furthered studied at the King’s College of London and graduated with a Masters of Arts in International Relations and National Security Studies in 2017.


As an investor, he worked as a fund manager at Merill Lynch and was the Head of Finance at the BT Group PLC’s property department. His work experience ultimately landed him the position of Chief Investment Officer at the Talisman Global Asset Management, and now manages assets above £1 billion.


Telereal Trillium has valuable privately owned assets and in September 2018 announced the acquisition of the Network Rail’s commercial real estate contract. It’s a joint venture with Blackstone Property and these properties are mostly converted railways arches that and in need of renovations. Graham Edwards views the arches contract as a vital part for UK’s economy.


Ever since Britain’s exit from the European Union, the British real estate market is in for drastic changes. Investors like Graham Edward are ready to face the challenges headfirst and have already started to implement effective management strategies that would allow getting through the devaluation of properties. He’s a model for other investors who seek inspiration and can learn a lot about real estate investment through his work. He has set an example of how companies always have the option to build a diverse portfolio in the commercial and residential real estate investment even in the wake of wavering market conditions.