Alddo Molinar’s Life Journey and Successful Career in Medicine

Medical specialists are one of the most admired professions. Doctors have had a great impact, especially in relieving suffering from people. These professionals have a great effect on the lives of the people they assist. However, not many people understand what a doctor is like, especially in the modern age. Most people think that to be a doctor, the only requirement is to attend medical school. Alddo Molinar is a medical director of Anesthesia with years of experience. He is married and blessed with three kids; a son and two daughters. He has an office at Ohio 43935, at 90 North 4th Street Martins Ferry, where his patients can reach him. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar


He is an anesthesiologist at the Ohio Valley Medical Centre and the East Ohio Regional Hospital. Dr. Monilor grew up in Texas and is the firstborn in the family. His parents are Mexican immigrants. He joined the medical field at an early age after the illness in his family. Alddo Molinar took the medical career to assist others after the demise of his grandparents due to cancer. He, therefore, decided to pursue a medical degree, where he graduated from the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in 2005. 

He also finalized his residency at Cleveland Clinic. He also did a BS in Biology at Trinity University. He got a Bryan Williams Scholarship award and then became a United Latin American Medical Students Association member at the University of Texas Southwestern. He finalized his doctor’s residency at Cleveland Clinic, where he got training in critical care medicine. Alddo Molinar has 16 years of different experience in anesthesiology. He collaborates with other medical group specialists as Fairmont Regional Medical Centre’s Molinor affiliates. He is recognized for his exceptional care and the relationship he creates with his patients. He is also known as a top leading practitioner in the medical field. Besides work, Alddo is a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and reading. He is also passionate about education and innovation.