Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, Speaks on Client Relationships

In the year 2017, a global summit was held to discuss matters concerning the rapid changes in e-commerce and what should be done to counter any arising issues. The event was facilitated by Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association (GRLA) in partnership with the McDonough School of Business Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series.

The global summit was chaired by globally recognized leaders, including Aerin Lauder, Andrew Brooks, Jocelyn Gailliot, Anthony Fadil, Olga Visidisheva. Andrew Brooks chairs as the Chief Executive and the founder of Andrew Brooks Sinclair Global and a featured businessman named in 2017 as one of the “30 Under 30” Retail by Forbes. Vianel is a retail company that has done a lot of research relating to organically growing client relationships.

At the summit, Andrew Brooks gave some insights and addressed the e-commerce market needs shifting by sharing his experience in the retail world as the CEO of Sinclair Global. Andrew Brooks believes that the key to establishing a successful retail business is to adapt to the changing e-commerce and develop a healthy relationship with the customers.

Brooks explains that to establish a connection with clients by exploiting the weakness of competitors to develop a competitive edge that promotes consistency of business operations which will make the business unique and worth choosing. Additionally, a company should focus on its key customers and focus on paying attention to their needs only.

In the Global Luxury Summit, social media was established as an essential tool all businesses rely on to reach and impress customers. For a brand to succeed, it should take advantage of the available social media platform to reach out to customers. Andrew Brooks also explains that he started Sinclair Global to design something that he wanted. Therefore entrepreneurs should take a leap and risk resources to develop authentic products.