Betsy DeVos: Businesswoman, Philanthropist and Educational Reformer

Ever since her days as a student at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, over 30 years ago, Betsy Devos has been an activist for conservative political causes. She has served on numerous boards, political action committees and other organizations and was the chairman for the Republican Party of Michigan for six years. Her political leanings are shared by her husband, Dick Devos, who was the 2006 Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan.


Business Interests


Betsy Devos shares business interests with her husband as well, and the two founded the Windquest Group in 1989; this operating group has provided support for many initiatives in technology, clean energy and manufacturing over the years. At its heart, the Windquest group is all about finding innovative solutions to business challenges.




Betsy Devos is interested in giving back, and, because of her success in business, she has many resources to do so. She serves as chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and she gives both her time and money to other organizations that share her wide-ranging charitable interests, which include promoting the arts and helping disadvantaged children.


Educational Reform


Out of all her many efforts, Betsy Devos is perhaps best known for her advocacy for school-choice. She has long expressed the opinion that there should be accessible alternatives to public schools for children, and she believes in vouchers, education savings accounts and tax credits should be provided by the government to help.


She says that her passion for school-choice reform goes back to decades ago when she and her husband spent time observing at Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan and noticed how this private school was able to come through for all its students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. She decided then that she wanted to make a similar educational experience available to all children in the United States. Because she felt fortunate to be able to send her own children to the school she and her husband thought best for them, she thought it was only fair for lower-income parents to have the same opportunity.


Secretary of Education


Currently, Betsy Devos serves as Secretary of Education in the Trump administration. As such, her views on school-choice and other educational issues are not shared by all, and her time as secretary so far has not been without controversy. Despite it all, she still holds to the same definition of success that she has always has: that every child be able to reach their full potential through education.


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