Brian Torchin Spearheads Management of Healthcare Personnel

The healthcare industry is highly sensitive since it’s up-close with the lives of many. It is therefore essential that any facility should be operated by certified, qualified and register medical practitioners. Brian Torchin identified this need early in his career and resorted to providing an innovative and effective solution. This is how HCRC Staffing was founded to serve this need.

Initially, the company provided human personnel staffing needs to be outsourced by other healthcare facilities. Its significant achievement is being able to recruit varied professionals from nurses, physicians, medical doctors, physical therapists, dentists to those actively involved in the administration work; receptionist/ front office, public relations, billing officers, managers, and other executives. Well, Torchin later stretched out the company’s hiring and staffing ability to incorporate candidates in the legal profession who similarly were scarce. Today, the company under his leadership has been able to source for attorneys, paralegals, administrators, judicial clerks and secretaries among many others. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Jangling between the staffing of the two industries successfully has been the most significant achievement for Brian Torchin. Ultimately, the staff turnover has been sufficiently addressed. At HCRC Staffing operates under a unique model that links prospects to possible employers. The matchmaking is done within 72 hours; ensuring their client get the seasoned candidate right for the job. This is done based one trust accorded to them from the public, respect, and consistency. Besides, it has been able to establish mutually benefiting relationships with clients.

About Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the Chief Executive Officer at HCRC Staffing. Mr. Torchin has selflessly given his time and resources in helping other firms and organization get the best candidates worldwide. He has a long academic background which has equipped him with superior accuracy. Brian began school at JHK, later joined the University of Delaware where he did a degree in Exercise Science. He then enrolled himself at the New York Chiropractic College where he studied Chiropractic until 1995 when he graduated. He has worked as Practice Management Inc. as the Director of Medical Marketing for seven years before joining HCRC Staffing.