Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and His Impeccable Background and Work Ethics as An Emergency Doctor

No quality of a doctor seems to be more important than accountability for the procedures done to a patient. Doctors with skin in the game or those who pay for the mistakes of their decisions and suggestions tend to get richer, become more successful and even more relevant in the industry that they’re in. Accountability makes for an impressive professional record, and it’s something that many people will give a high value on. This is also the kind of value that doctors like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel are trying to integrate, apply or nurture in their medical career.


Another thing that people may not yet know more about Dr. Forsthoefel is the fact that he’s already got 6 years of experience in his line of work as an Emergency Medicine doctor. In 2012, he studied at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine, which is a reputable medical institute based in New Orleans. Right now, his professional career is strongly associated with the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital.

People also remember Dr. Forsthoefel as the physician who is part of the advocacies, projects and excursion ventures of the Physician Partners network, which is a TMH network responsible for bringing out the best research work and projects for patients both regular and marginalized. It is also quite interesting to know for readers that the B.A. degree that Forsthoefel got was in the field of religious studies.


It was at Florida State University that he got this religious background, before pursuing his MD education. He is right now the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Emergency Physician, attending with unrelenting walking traffic of patients of various medical issues.


It is said that the best doctors in the industry are not only accountable, but also compassionate enough to extend their medical service beyond commercial profit. People hear of doctors prescribing harmful pain medications to their patients. There are even news articles today that show that most doctors are tempted to hide the real consequences, damages and side effects of the medicine they prescribe. This means that it pays to trust doctors that have shown incredible record of trust, ethical values and transparency. The good thing about Dr. Forsthoefel right now is that his line of practice limits, which is emergency medicine, limits the amount of shady deals that could compromise his practice.