Edgard Corona Directs One of The Largest Gym Conglomerates in The World

Edgard Corona is well known in the fitness industry. He is the leader of the fourth largest fitness conglomerate in the world. As the head of Bio Ritmo, a Brazilian-based company, Corona has expanded over 480 fitness centers across Brazil and Latin America with gyms in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and many other countries.

The earnings created by the Bio Ritmo products and the Smart Fit gyms accounted for over $1 billion in 2017.

Certainly, Edgard Corona, like all other fitness centers, suffered from the close-downs caused by the Corona Virus. The good news is that Corona saw the problems coming on early in 2020. In February, he called in his team and asked them to cancel or put off all future expansion plans and contracts. When the time came to close the facilities, he was ready and continued to support his employees.

Edgard Corona started the first gym in 1996 in Santo Amaro. The first gym soon became another and another, until it grew into the 480 that now exists. With business locations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador, Smartfit has consolidated its market throughout Latin America, and now he has over 1.6 million gym members.

SmartFit has reshaped the way people keep fit and has made other competitors modernize to change and bring better services to the industry. Edgard is now 61 and is the head of the 4th largest fitness conglomerate worldwide.

However, Edgard Corona has plans to expand by another 300 centers, making SmartFit the largest gym conglomerate in the world.

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