Guilherme Paulus In The Tourism Business

Guilherme Paulus is a successful Brazilian businessman who has managed to build a good reputation for himself. Since he was a child he has always had an interest in business. It is because of his love that led him to study business administration at the University.

His internship at IBM was the kick off of his career. His breakthrough in business was when he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who gave him the idea of starting a business. This idea was inspired by tourism and the two men wanted to bring tourism to Brazil.

However, Guilherme Paulus lacked the capital to start the business but fortunately for him, Carlos Vincente was willing to invest in the business. This is how CVC also known as Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour was founded and Guilherme Paulus was put in charge of the company. This gave him an opportunity to exploit his passion in business. His exemplary leadership skills and knowledge in business enabled him to run the company successfully and soon the company opened a store in Sao Paulo in 1972.


Mr. Paulus and Mr. Carlos had a strong partnership in the business. This continued until Mr. Carlos decided to live the company. The store that CVC opened was strategically located. It was near a cinema where many people went to see movies. After people left, most of them were curious and dropped by the store with the motive to explore Brazil and have an experience like no other. CVC readily accommodated their fantasies by selling Brazilian tourism to them. It is because of Guilherme Paulus’ wonderful strategies that led to the development of Brazilian tourism and his company was the leading in the tourism business.

This made the company very popular and soon it opened many other stores in different parts of Brazil. Soon CVC went public and this saw the rise of the company’s capital. It soon became the biggest tourism company in Brazil and Latin America. It is without a doubt that Guilherme Paulus is a successful businessman who will stop at nothing to make his company grow and rise to greater heights.