Herbalife Nutrition Potential for Growth in 2019

Herbalife nutrition ltd is one of the preferred stocks by investors; the weight management and wellness company has been performing well globally. Herbalife stock is looking up, and investors are confident that the stock will improve. The hedge fund bets grew by 8. The company was also in the 38 hedge funds by the third quarter of 2018.

The reason why many investors prefer it is because it had a 68.7% surge. It experienced growth even though the industry had a decline of 0.1%. The company has had improved volumes due to its global presence and a product portfolio. In the third quarter of 2018, the company increased its volume points by 15% to $1,506.9 million. The figure exceeded what management had predicted. There is no doubt that the management’s efforts are paying off.

Herbalife has a robust product portfolio that includes sports, weight management, energy, fitness products, and targeted nutrition. The company expands its portfolio to get new customers and retain old ones. In the third quarter, the company released 58 products to 51 countries. The new products contributed a lot to Herbalife’s growth. The company also launched a healthier coffee alternative, the protein iced coffee.

Apart from the products, Herbalife has a strong geographic presence. It operates in over 94 countries with the top ten counties accounting for 71.8% of its net sales. The global presence of Herbalife Nutrition exposes it to currency movements. Such movements can affect the company’s performance. The company also faces fierce competition from distributors and retailers of nutritional products.

Interval partners invested $16.4 million in Herbalife nutrition ltd. Herbalife nutrition ltd most substantial stake was the by Icahn Capital LP, Icahn capital held $1.92 billion of Herbalife’s stock by the end of September. The Renaissance technologies came second with $414.6 million. There were also other investors in the bullish company which include Route One Investment Company, DE Shaw, and Deccan value advisors. Given all these, there is no doubt that Herbalife has a bright future in the stock market. If its performance continues to grow, the company will be an ideal investment option for investors.