How Infinity Group’s Philosophy of Collaboration Is Getting Them Noticed Around Australia

Infinity Group Australia and its founders, Graeme and Rebecca Holm received the honor of being ranked number 58th on the Australia Financial Review’s–or AFR for short– list of most innovative companies of 2018. They ranked 58th among thousands of other companies from all over Australia and New Zealand and are very proud to have come so far in such little time. The AFR has been putting out this list for about 7 years now and the financial newspaper has a very large audience since it is Australia’s most popular financial newspaper.

Infinity Group is a mortgage broker that puts a different spin on lending Australians the money they need to afford their homes. It’s this interesting spin that has landed them a spot on the list, and with good reason. IOnfintiyGroup does more than just give Australians loans. They also act as their clients’ personal financial advisor in order for them to be able to better manage their finances.

The idea came to Holm while he was jogging with his wife. He thought that when people have personal trainers and are working on getting fit, they are more likely to reach their goals and stick to their plan when they have a professional coaching them through the process. This is exactly what Infinity Group does with their clients. They provide financial advice not only so that they can figure out the best way to pay their mortgages early, but also what to do with the money they save up, how to invest, and even some smart early retirement plans.

Once Infinity Group has lent out a sum of money to a client, they will go through their household income and figure out a plan to save money and pay off the house. After a while, the client will be left to handle their own finances but will periodically receive a progress report so that they can keep themselves in check and see what they can keep improving on. This method has proven to be extremely successful, as clients have been able to pay off their home loans in as little as 7 to 10 years on a 30-year mortgage.

Graeme and Rebecca Holm both state that they are proud of the work they are doing with Infinity Group and that Australians need to be better educated on how to handle their finances. people paying off their homes in such a short time frees up a lot of their capital for future investments as well as their spending capital, which means that this not only helps the clients, it also helps Australian economy.

Ininfity Group hopes to continue doing great work and improving the lives of Australians so that they can gain financial independence quicker than they ever thought possible. Holm states that Ininfity Group wins every time a client wins. Every success for a client is a success for Infinity Group, and it is this philosophy of collaboration that got them on the AFR’s list of most innovative companies. Learn more: