How To Get Started With Citizen App

The Citizen App is designed to enable you to receive timely updates on news and safety information in your city. It relies on numerous radio antenna stations in various major cities that listen to the emergency response communication lines and share any important news. The Citizen team goes through every update to ensure that only factual and useful updates are passed along to you.

At the moment, its services cover 22 cities countrywide, including Tucson, Toledo. Stockton, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. So far, the app’s users have grown to more than 7 million individuals in these cities. Maybe you are looking to enjoy the perks of this app too, here’s how to get started.

The setup processes

You can get the App on the Play Store for Android smartphones and App Store for iPhones. Once you have downloaded it to your phone, open the app and allow access to your location. You will also have to grant access to your contacts if you wish to be sharing updates with your family and friends. Additionally, the app allows you to share videos of incidents happening around you. Therefore, you will also have to provide it with access to your phone’s camera. Visit this page for additional information.

What’s Safe Trace all about?

Not so long ago, the Citizen App introduced the Safe Trace feature, meant to make it easier for its users to do Covid-19 contact tracing as they go about with their daily activities. The feature relies on Bluetooth technology to identify other users of the app that you come across. If they are discovered to have Covid-19 within two weeks of you meeting them, you will be notified as part of contact tracing efforts. If you are the one with Covid-19 other users of the app that you have been in close contact with will be informed so that they can take the necessary precautions.


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