Jeffrey Aronin, Creating the Future of Medicine

Jeffrey Aronin has long guided his career with the firm belief that medication is almost always a better option than surgery. He says he first came to this way of thinking after witnessing a doctor opt for a medical treatment rather than a surgical treatment that would have dramatically and adversely changed the rest of her life. He and his leading team of medical researchers and innovationists are driven to create ever better medicines that can help patients avoid surgeries. After obtaining a B.A. from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul University, Aronin founded and became CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. The focus here was producing new medicines for the treatment of rare and neglected diseases.


The fact that Ovation was almost entirely focused on deloping new medicines for large but very uncommon diseases made it rather original in the traditional industry since most pharmaceutical companies up to that time were primarily interested in producing popular drugs for common, smaller diseases. In 2009, Lunbeck purchased Ovation for $900 million, keeping Aronin as its CEO. He still continues to lead Ovation to ever greater success. Aronin has also become a leading investor in Paragon Biosciences. He was naturally attracted to Paragon because it also seeks for medicinal innovation in novel pharmaceutical treatments and to meet unmet medical needs.


Paragon does its work via two other companies: Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Both companies have their own areas of focus and expertise with the shared goal of helping patients overcome serious illnesses. Aronin also currently sits on the board of directors of World Business Chicago. In addition, he also sits on the board of directors of Discover Financial Services. Aronin is also committed to philanthropic initiatives for healthcare. To this end, he has set up the Aronin Family Foundation which supports hospitals and clinics in the Chicago area. Aronin has founded MATTER, a Chicago-based healthcare incubator that has created over 200 healthcare companies in the region.