Jeunesse Global Zen Shape Supplements

Anyone struggling to lose weight knows how difficult it is to find a program that truly works. This is where Jeunesse can help. With Zen Bodi, Jeunesse gives men and women the chance to change their bodies from the inside out while focusing on detoxifying the cells of the body and building new, healthy habits. Zen Bodi helps individuals develop new relationships with food, determining which foods have empty calories and which foods nourish all parts of the body.


Most individuals choose to use the Zen Project 8 with this line of products. This is an eight-week program that helps people make over their food choices. Zen products, including shakes and supplements, are used along with real, healthy whole food choices that anyone can find at a local grocery store or farmer’s market.


Zen Project 8 begins with a detox phase. Many people discover that they lose much weight in this phase alone because they learn to cut out the foods, such as simple carbohydrates, processed sugars and dairy, that are causing them to bloat. Their systems clean out the body and flush out toxins. The second phase is ignite and lasts for three weeks. This phase helps individuals raise their metabolism to increase calorie burn and melt away the fat that is covering the body. Exercise is key along with Fuze protein shakes and Zen Shape supplements. Finally, the third phase of Thrive helps individuals learn how to keep their bodies healthy for the rest of their lives. This phase is designed to last for four weeks, but it can be used as long as needed to reprogram and reenergize the body. Zen Fit drinks are used along with Zen Fuze and Zen Shape.


Zen Bodi fits in well with the other product lines that are a part of Jeunesse. All products works together to create healthy, thriving bodies. In fact, that is how Jeunesse Global seeks to help individuals of all ages. With a focus on a system that instills youthfulness and decreases the effects of aging, individuals can feel confident and happy in their bodies again.