John Ritenour is one of the most brilliant innovators of our times, being a co-founder of the Insurance Office of America (IOA). In the early development of IOA, he helped draft the IOA Sports Practice, a cover for business-to-business insurance in sports. He continued crafting custom insurance covers for specific sports teams, municipalities, and the entertainment industry’s entire swath during this period. All the stakeholders in the sports business are now reliant on IOA to suit their demands. Heath Ritenour, son of John Ritenour, is currently the company’s head, having received the mantle from his father.

Insurance covers for sports teams are very complex as the groups are all different in their ways. It can’t be understated how difficult it is to customize the covers to suit the team’s specific niches. This is where IOA comes in handy. Your team’s model is taken care of with its comprehensive team of qualified and experienced insurance professionals. The sports team mainly focuses on two risks; injuries and loss of revenues. But with its team of committed professionals, IOA will help you assess and explore risks that you never even thought of. The company is focused on the business aspect of selling insurance and educating the client on potential risks on his blindspot.

John Ritenour was a fan before becoming a businessman. His passion for sports came before his business interests. He has worked with so many teams in the sports industry, including soccer, football, baseball, swimming et cetera. Currently, some of the teams associated with the company are; Charlotte Hornets, Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Wizards, Tampa Bay Lightning, Orlando Magic, and many others.

IOA has continued growing with plans to expand the business model and explore new markets. He and his son still intend to expand into other national bodies and continue to foster the growth of IOA Sports practice.

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