Marc Beer is a person who has specialized in biotechnological product formation and also making of several pharmaceuticals. He is among the people who led to the formation of Renovia Inc. He came up with the idea of formation of Renovia Inc together with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesia. Marc has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a very long time, and he has a combined experience of more than 25 years. When these people came up with Renovia Inc, they were all in one accord and the main focus of the company was to help in treating women who have various illnesses. Marc together with his team realized that some women are suffering from various disorders and they need treatment.


Renovia Inc since its formation has been consistently pursuing its goals. The people who work in the company lead by Marc Beer, are tirelessly working to ensure that there is the formation of technologies that will help various women in curing or reducing their pelvic floor disorders. The company had enrolled itself in the contributions that were to be made via the series B program. The target of the series B was $32 million, and Renovia Inc surpassed this target and contributed $10 million more in several initiatives created by the company. Marc Beer together with his team made a contribution of $42 million towards helping women overcome several disorders that affect them.


There are also some companies that have observed and have seen that there is a need for the eradication of women illness especially the pelvic floor infections. They, therefore, have joined hands in the contribution towards the formation of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, which will ensure that these illnesses are eradicated. Some of these companies include the Longwood Fund. It is a healthcare firm that has found a need in the contributing towards the health fitness of women. The two companies are working to treat and eliminate pelvic floor infections and disorders from women. Some of the pelvic disorders include pelvic organ prolapsed, pelvic floor dysfunction, and urinary incontinence.


When Marc Beer saw that Longwood Fund has decided to join hands with Renovia Inc and other firms that deal with women illnesses elimination, he acknowledged the step and said that now that the workers are many in the eradication of women illnesses, the exercises will be done faster. He was delighted to have determined partners such as Longwood Fund. He went ahead to say that the technologies that will be devised by the two companies will always be of help not only to the present situations but also to future generations. Learn more:




Marc Beer is a determined worker, and he will always work to improve the health of the women. Together with his partners in Renovia Inc, they are devising technologies for the eradication of various women illness.