Peter Briger is A Great Skilled Man

Peter Briger does a whole lot of stuff out of the good of his heart

Mr. Peter “Pete” Lionel Briger Jr. likes to give money and time away to people, organizations, and groups that need it more than he does. Peter Briger has accumulated quite a bit of wealth throughout his working career, making it possible for him to give way however much he wants – more or less, he can give away what he wants to and does not have to worry about how his personal financial situation is.

Peter has a brother named Devon. Together, the two popular, powerful names in the world of financial services joined forces to make the Peter & Devon Briger Foundation. Within the past decade, the philanthropic organization gave away a whopping $1 million to the Acumen Fund, a nonprofit that goes around the world and does a great job at preventing serious health issues sprouting up as a result of not having enough medical coverage from being too poor and more

Here’s another good-hearted thing that he does for the world – this time, he does it for his favorite school that he graduated from

Just three years ago, Peter Briger and two unnamed donors had put millions of dollars together to create the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund, also known as the AEF, a nonprofit organization that was overseen by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, made up of a group of people who either went to Princeton University or who currently teach at or research for the university.

The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund had given away about $100,000 to entrepreneurs that the PEAC had thought deserved an investment and couldn’t otherwise get one on its own or their own. Kudzu, Friendsy, PreeLine, and Poach were the four finalists in the pilot program. They were created by Trevor Wilkins and Logan Cohen; Valdhy Murti and Michael Pinsky; Julia Macalaster and David Lamer; and Isaac Rothenbaum and Maise Devine. In order to get the money that Peter Briger and company had put forward, the people on the aforementioned teams had to an alumni of Princeton.

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