Recent Poll Conducted by End Citizens United Dissembles Texas Political Campaign

End Citizens United is a group that spans across the nation with the mission-statement of decreasing the influence of money on politics. They are classified by Premier Gazette as a “finance reform advocacy group.” Recently, End Citizens United conducted a poll that revealed that an impress 61% of voters from Texas do not know enough about the Texas candidate, Beto O’Rourke, to draw a conclusion on his candidacy. Although this is the case, he is still doing better than projected due to the fact that Ted Cruz has quite unfavorable ratings in comparison. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

End Citizens United has transcended this projection, preceding it with the statement deducted from the poll that Beto O’Rourke is fast closing in on the Republican Ted Cruz. However, it is also acknowledged that it is unlikely that during the election cycle, it is unlikely that Cruz’s seat would flip.

Other important statistics surrounding this poll conclude that Cruz is only leading by a relatively narrow margin: the numbers waver from 45 to 37%. At the beginning of the year, the Cruz campaign was leading polls by 18%. Within this time the odds of O’Rourke winning increased dramatically, demonstrating the potential for the tables to turn during such a brief period of insurgency.


The most profound takeaway–or at least one of them–from this survey conducted by End Citizens United is the conclusion that Ted Cruz is kicking himself in the foot when it comes to his campaign. Even though a huge percentage of voters do not know about O’Rourke or his politics, yet Cruz is still quickly falling behind. Sequentially, O’Rourke’s mentality is that of a no-frills likeability; he has made the statement that he does not use political consultants or pollsters and instead utilizes his own strategies and his oration skills.

These factors, in addition to a plethora of others, contribute to the preliminary poll conducted by End Citizens United. This poll has undoubtedly provided a locus for useful information when it comes to the intersection of politics and statistics. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.