Revolutions that ClassDojo has brought to the education sector

The sector of education has highly benefited from the many benefits that ClassDojo has brought. The education app has made it easy for many teachers and parents to connect with their loved ones. The app has played a major role in changing the way teachers, students and parents associate as they can connect to each other at any time of the day. The strong connection that the app has created has seen students perform better in their class work.

Every student has a profile that has been assigned with its avatar. With the profiles, the teachers can assign them points depending on their performance and behaviour at school. The points awarded are usually positive or negative. ClassDojo has served as a way to reinforce students to perform better and show positive behaviour while in the classroom. A significant number of people have highly amended the education app due to its ability to bring growth in students as well as the field of academia in general.

Additionally, the education app also gives students a voice as they can share ideas and raise any other issues. The collaboration and teamwork that the app has created are also amendable as students can now be incentive to acquire excellence in their studies. Through the various ideas that they learn from each other, the students have also learnt to appreciate the various talents that each of them possesses.

ClassDojo has enacted a positive culture in the classroom through sound recognition. Students can now learn from each other’s positive behaviours and motivate one another to work harder in their class work to achieve success. The founders of the education app have also received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people for their ability to make the teaching process easy for teachers.

Additionally, parents have also profoundly benefited from the education app as they can get feedback regarding their children’s performance without having to travel to the school to acquire the information. Many school shave adopted the use of the education app to carry out their teaching activities, and a significant number of them are happy with the positivity it brings.

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