Talkspace; a World-Class Innovation Geared Towards Promoting Proper Mental Health

Michael Phelps and Talk Space, a popular therapy platform, recently announced that they would be entering into a strategic partnership. The partnership is geared towards promoting therapy which is a key tool in helping people improve their mental health. Through this, Michael Phelps will share his personal experiences and emphasize the importance of Talkspace in the world of mental health.

This entire initiative indicates the commitment between Mr. Phelps and Talkspace to do away with the barriers that prevent people who have mental health issues from actually trying therapy as a remedy. Oren Frank, Talk Space’s Chief Executive Officer stated that Michael Phelps deep understanding of the mental health advocacy world would be integral in helping Talkspace help people manage their mental health.

With Phelps on board, many people have opted to use the services provided for by TalkSpace. One of the main reasons for this is because it is cheap and one gets quality services. Furthermore, it provides an easy avenue for people to open up through chats as many may find it difficult to talk about specific issues face to face with therapists.

One of the therapists under the Talkspace platform is Melissa Moreno. BlogWebPedia took a peek into the day in the life of Melissa, as a Talkspace certified therapist. According to the article posted on the blogwebpedia website, Melissa starts her day by engaging in mindfulness and breathing exercises. She then checks into the Talkspace platform and attends to her clients. After that she attends to her son and gets ready for work. It is after 8:30 pm that she checks in again, listens and offers amicable solutions to her clients. One amazing feature about Talkspace is that it allows its clients to peek into the lives of the therapists in a bid to add a personal touch to the experience.

Endowed with numerous licensed and professional therapists, Talkspace is an online therapy startup that provides confidential therapy services to its clients at a very affordable price. Founded by Oren and RoniFrank in 2012, TalkSpace is driven by its mission to make a billion people happy. By using unlimited Messaging Therapy clients can seek the services of therapists whenever and wherever they need help.