Anthony Petrello In Business And Philanthropy

Tony Petrello is a top corporate executive in the United States. He leads a company known as Nabors Industries, one of the biggest oil companies in the country. Nabors Industries deals with oil and natural gas drilling in the United States and 25 other counties around the world. The company has ongoing drilling work in areas such as Africa, Far East, and the Middle East. The role of Tony Petrello in the expansion of business operations in this company is probably the best contribution he has had so far.

Petrello joined this company in 1991 when it was not doing very well and ensured that he oversaw a transformation in the management of the company. From 1991, he has worked consistently raising the bar for performance.

In 2011, he was appointed as the CEO of the firm. He has continued to oversee development in the business as part of the company’s operations. He has been in various partnerships agreements with companies from the Middle East. He intends to work closely with these companies and enable them to grow their businesses together. Nabors Industries has the best drilling technology in the world. Their drilling rigs assure of the best oil exploration process.

Anthony Petrello has made a good name in business but not in this area alone. He is working in other programs away from the business life which involves giving back to the community. One of the things he has been doing is supporting the needy in the community. By providing the best financial support to the needy, he is helping them meet their basic needs and also helping them lead a better life. Petrello has been involved in some philanthropic causes. The major one is a medical program going on at the Texas Children hospital. Petrello is assisting this hospital to build a neurological research center that will deal with research and treatment of neurological disorders in children. Tony Petrello has contributed significantly to the success of the center since he offered his support. He has given $7 million to the facility to meet its goals.

Tony Petrello’s daughter named Carena is one of the children suffering from a neurological disorder. He is hoping that by supporting this facility, there coil finally be a treatment procedure for children suffering from neurological disorders. Together with his wife- Cynthia- they have been working closely together to come up with a program that will encourage parents living with children suffering from such disorders to come out and support them in pushing for a solution.

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