Victoria Doramus Rallies Support for Best Friends Animal Society, a NY-Based Animal Shelter

Victoria Doramus was recorded saying that the world can be a cruel place. She is a recovering addict and as such, she understands how it feels to need and get help. She realized how important it is to help others and apparently, she believes that even animals deserves help.

Victoria Doramus supports Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that is trying to end cruelty to animals in the United States. They are working to save animals through community programs as well as partnerships across the country. The organization dates back to the 1980s when there was a massive killing of cats and dogs as a way to do away with unwanted pets. It is during that time that a group of friends decided to rehabilitate some of the animals to foster healing. Families came for the surviving animals and those that didn’t find caretakers spent their lives in the sanctuary. The group of friends conceived the Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit organization as well as animal welfare society.

Ms. Doramus advocates for caring and loving of animals no matter how ill, old or unwanted they are. She is a philanthropists at heart and practice with a strong background in media and journalism. She struggled with drug addiction before she got enough support to overcome it. She went to University of Colorado where she graduated from with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has an extensive working experience in the media industry.

The organization has a dream to end killing of animals in the America’s animal shelters. Best Friends Animal Society has made incredible progress and over 1600 animals are receiving the medical help they need. Most importantly, the animals are getting the best love to help them forget about their traumatizing past. It is safe to state that everyone deserves love and care to survive. Animals are not any different from humans. Just like humans need help to break from the bondage of addictions, the animals are lost in the wild without love and care.

Victoria Doramus’s support has strengthened the organization even more as they bring together rescuers and animal shelters from across the country to hold public education campaigns, adoption events, as well as fundraising drives. They are making incredible progress working together rather than working in isolation.