Zilch Offers an Easy Way to “Buy Now Pay Later Food” Option

Zilch, based out of London, is a virtual Mastercard that allows consumers to use their personal banking in a responsible way. For consumers that may have FOMO, Zilch is an excellent option that allows them to buy now and then pay later. By setting a personal balance, people can use the card and its related app, to pay upfront or pay 25% of the bill with the remainder split up over 6 weeks with 0% APR. The app will send reminders to pay, and can even extend the payments an extra four days if necessary. The company also offers a cash-back reward system and an easy refund process. The app assists consumers in determining if they should spend, save, or splurge on purchases, finding the right balance for one’s financial needs.

Enjoying a meal with friends is a great opportunity to connect with others. Zilch can help people hungry for excellent food and a craving for social time with the option to “buy now pay later food”. The company offers several tips to help its consumers find the balance between spending and saving responsibly. First, calculate expenses for bills and essentials and subtract them from your earned income. Then allocate how much to use for things you want and how much to set aside for savings. It is advised to use 50% for essentials, 30% for miscellaneous expenses, and 20% for savings. This model will allow a person to have enough set aside for a “buy now pay later food” option. Zilch encourages consumers to be mindful of purchases, resisting the temptation of sales, low-quality items, or social media influences. It is okay to treat oneself, but it is important to ensure that you are mindful of why you desire to purchase something. “Buy now pay later food” can allow hungry consumers to live in the present moment, but also plan for the future to pay it off responsibly without overextending themselves financially.

When consumers can moderate their spending habits, they set priorities in place for a healthy financial future. Zilch is a safe and secure option for those looking to “buy now pay later food”, where people can enjoy excellent dining options without the worry about how to pay.

Learn more about Zilch: https://www.zilch.com